Specializing in javaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Responsive Design, Animation & UX Design.

Website Design & Development

Redesign a company website to showcase product line, company branding, user flow to optimize goal conversions and enhance user experience. Decisions for site layout and

Omni Quiz

A quiz game web-application that makes customers more comfortable with giving out their emails for future leads more fun. Originally designed to gather leads

Web Agency Interactive Website

Develop an interactive company portfolio website. Given photoshop and Illustrator files construct a fully interactive and responsive website from the ground up.

Merial Heartworm

Web Application created to represent the heartworm lifecycle. Allowing sales representatives and customers to view how the lifecycle of the heartworm works inside a dog.

Merial Tritak

Web-app meant to be placed on a tablet kiosk for showing product info in a visual way. Allowing sales reps to present the product using

Product Accessories Finder

A company app to make finding specific product accessories easier for customers and sales representatives. This project is based on a MEAN stack which includes